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about work of this webpage
This Info is written by Alien, the administrator of www.sandra-cretu.com, 2005. Translate to english by Alex.
Digital Remastering Of Sandra's Video:
Why it is needed?
At present time it's difficult to surprise somebody with news about an opportunity of digital remastering - the restoration of old but very lovely video. There is a huge variety of available technical ways both in hardware and software products. But any work, of course, has an element of individuality.
The idea to make the full collection of all video performances of Sandra has arisen after the release of Sandra's DVD "Complete history". There are only Sandra's videoclips and two TV performances of Arabesque (where Sandra was the lead singer) on the DVD. At the same time, there exist many unforgettable Sandra's TV-Show performances from different countries of the world. Therefore we made a decision to collect really "Full History" - "The Most Complete History" of Sandra's video (since Arabesque-times till the present moment).
But where to get such videorarities? There can be only two sources of videos - the official and unofficial ("from friends" - the same fans like we).
We tried the first way. The quality of video is maximum, the requirements to remastering are minimum. But this way has turned out to be very expensive and it put the active constraints on an exchange of a collection between fans because of "copyrights".
The second way doesnt give acceptable of quality of video. The requirements to remastering are maximum. But this way, for clear reasons, is more available.
We decided to go the second way.
At first - about starting "material". In an ideal case we have to receive from the owner original VHS-tapes not below 2-3 copies from broadcast on TV. After restoration of video, the VHS-tape together with digital remastercopy of video on DVD comes back to their owner. In this case we have an opportunity to convert an analog videosignal from videorecorder in digital signal with professional devices. But if we have no opportunity to receive the same VHS-tapes, we agree to receive copies of these VHS-tapes on DVD. In this case, as practice shows, some quality of the image is lost due to household digitalizing (recording from VHS-tape on DVD) the image.

A little about the techniques.
By the method of "tries and mistakes" we had been chose the following technical decisions for remastering of records of video and a sound:

Even the brief description of remastering of video is far bigger than this page. Therefore we'll be limited to features of hardware and the software.

Videorecorder has the following special functions:
- Hi-Fi;
- Digital Time Base Corrector;
- Digital Noise Reduction;
- PAL;
- French SECAM (SECAM L) - for Sandra's Clips in french SECAM.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE, Pinnacle Studio 9;
Digital Editing:
VirtualDub (more 10 digital filter);
Video Editing:
Ulead VideoStudio, Ulead MediaStudio Pro;

DVD Authoring:
DVD Workshop 2, Impression DVD-Pro.


Here the some people consider that its enough to substitute a track from CD and a qualitative sound is ready! Try to do it. Mainly it will fail even for video which is recorded under "playback". And how to be with live-performances? But in this case it is still possible to receive a qualitative sound, while keeping natural atmosphere of sound of a concert. We have to work.

Remastering of the Audio:
Cubase SX, Sound Forge, Wavelab.

The result of digital remastering is shown evidently below:
Before After
The full collection of video already remastered by us, you can watch in section VideoCatalog on our site.
So we could collect and remaster the most part of TV-Performances of the singer. Now our task is to involve other collectors of video in an exchange with us with the purpose of improvement of quality in separate parts of our collection.
So we're waiting for offers from visitors of our site for exchange of video.

We can discuss the questions about the technique of remastering in our Portal-Forum or by E-mail.
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